Rifle Range



The Oak Park Sportsmen’s Club has a 100 meter rifle range on property that includes six covered shooting positions and a permanent, fixed firing line. The Club’s Rifle Range was designed to be a “No Sky” range in order to prevent rounds from leaving Club property. All shooting must be done under roof and from behind the fixed firing line. Empty chamber flags are manditory and must be used in all firearms that are not in use. No firearms are allowed beyond the fixed firing line.

A Range Safety Officer may not be present to supervise the Rifle Range. All Members are expected to comply with Club Rules, Rifle Range Rules and Safety Requirements. Any Member or their Guest found to not be complying with Club Rules and Safety Requirements may have their Club membership revoked.

Always maintain control of your guests, set a good example.



  • Enter and exit through the small gate on the East-side of the range only.
  • Target stands of various sizes are available and can be set at 50, 75 and 100 yards.
  • The use of a 50BMG firearm or a non-shouldered firearm, such a pistol or a long gun “from the hip”, is explicitly prohibited.
  • The use slug rounds from a shotgun is permitted.
  • Targets can be applied directly to the surface of the target stand or cardboard which can be attached using clips, staples, tape or adhesive backing on your target.
  • Target stands can be moved as needed or laid on the ground if they interfere with your line of fire. You may bring your own target stands as long as they comply with the following:
    • Set target stands so that rounds impact in the sand area of berm.
    • No target is to be set closer than 50 meters and all stands must be made of wood only
  • Aerial and Ground targets are prohibited
  • Biodegradable Clay targets may be used if placed on the rear sand berm.
  • No Rapid Firing Allowed – 3 Second Control Fire Required
  • Only one shooter allowed per bench
  • All shooting must be done from the benches only.
  • Interact with all Members using the Range.
  • All firearms are cased and uncased on the Range benches only.
  • Muzzles must always point downrange.
  • When required to go down range, all shooters are to cease fire.
    • DO NOT approach the bench during a cease fire.
    • DO NOT case, uncase or handle any firearm during a cease fire or when others are downrange.
    • During a cease fire firearms must have chamber flags or be cased.
    • During any cease fire, Range Safety Flags must be raised by the first person going down range.
    • Range Safety Flags must be lowered by the last person returning to the shooting area.
  • If a firearm or ammunition has a malfunction, cease fire and make the firearm safe. Ask for assistance from a fellow Member if unsure of how to proceed.
  • Watch for Range Safety Flags and make sure flags are lowered before shooting.
  • Only one firearm and its matching ammunition should be on the bench. Others to be cased.
  • All shooters must be aware their bullets strike, making sure all impacts are in the sand area of the berm.
  • To reduce the chance of a ricochet, rounds should never hit the group or the gravel section.
  • If you have questions regarding the use of the Rifle Range, contact the Rifle Range Chairman or Safety Committee.
  • When finished, clean up after yourself and guests. This is your range leave it cleaner than you found it.
  • All Members must know the written Range Safety Operating Procedures (SOP), follow all gun safety rules (written or inferred).