Open to Member’s & Member’s Family ONLY.

Dave Turcotte, NRA Rifle Instructor, RSO, a competitor in High Power rifle F Class and Small Bore rifle, will manage the air gun range and league.

When: The league will shoot every Thursday from 5 to 8 PM during the winter months, November to April, except holidays. Shooting may begin prior to 5 PM depending on demand.

Location: Air Gun Rifle will be shot in the Club’s Meeting Room. Shooting will be done from the bench rest position at approximately 40 feet. Three-position shooting from 10 meters (33 feet) may also be available based on demand. 

Competition: Members who wish to compete may do so by having their best of two ten-shot targets scored. Scores will be documented to track the individual’s progress and average. Individuals will compete in separate classes based on the type of rifle and optics. 50-foot NRA small-bore rifle or NRA 10 meter air rifle targets will be used. 

Equipment: Most shooting will be done with .177 rifles. A Sporter Class rifle with scope and a Precision Class rifle with open sights will be available if a member does not have a rifle. .177 pellets will be supplied.  Shooting glasses are required, hearing protection is optional. Bring your pellet rifle, spotting scope for open sights and rifle rests if you have them.

Age Restrictions: There is no age restriction.  Young shooters and those who have never shot a gun are encouraged to join us for fun and to learn to shoot a rifle. We can also support BB Rifles. 

Cost: There will be a three-dollar league fee to cover expenses. 

Some really good safety information relevant to air guns can be found here: AirGun Basic Safety