OPSC MultiGun

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07/30/2017 - 9:00am - 4:00pm

Sign in starts at 8 AM and shooting starts shortly after the safety meeting at 9 AM

MultiGun is a fast paced USPSA style match geared towards shooters with a strong familiarity with their firearms. Safety is paramount!

The matches consist of using one, two, or all three firearms in a given stage.
You will need:
A safe, reliable, pistol or revolver. Centerfire only.
A shotgun capable of holding more than two rounds. Pump or Auto.
A safe, reliable, Rifle with a detachable magazine. Calibers accepted are:
Pistol caliber carbines, .223, 762x39, or .30 carbine
Absolutely NO .308 or higher rifle calibers!

These are only a sampling of the rules and outlines. For more info please visit
OPSC MultiGun Website</