Black Powder

Our desire is to attract all members and guests interested in shooting muzzle loading black powder firearms. Match's will be open to both traditional and modern muzzle loading arms. We will also run match's for cap n' ball revolvers and single shot pistols if enough interest is shown. All match's will be re-entry.

Some definitions are in order. Traditional muzzle loading arms are defined as those having a side lock or under striker firing mechanism using precussion cap or flint ignition system. Sighting equipment can be open sights or peep sight systems. No telescopic sights are allowed on traditional arms.

Modern muzzle loading arms are defined as those having an in-line ignition system using modern #209 shotgun primers. Sighting equipment can be open or peep sights or telescopic sights.

Propellants can be conventional black powder or any black powder substitutes such as Pyrodex or Triple 7 to name two. Smokeless powder of any type is not allowed for use in any muzzle loading arm.

Projectils for traditional arms can be cloth patched lead round balls or sabot or un-patched lead bullets.

Projectils for modern arms can be sabot lead bullets or sabot jacketed bullets.

Conventional bull's eye and special match (critter) targets supplied by the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association shall be used in the match's. NMLRA rules for scoring will be followed. All shot taregets must be turned in at the end of a match because the cash prize payout will depend on how many targets were sold.

As with any gun sport hearing and eye protection are required. Shooter supplied target stands are also required.

For more information please contach Norm Englbrecht at or at a Club meeting. Match dates are posted on the Club calendar. Come on out with that old smoke pole and join us in some good old time fun.

The Old Buffalo Killer

Norm Englbrecht